Built for a

Better Office

Workibo is a smart workspace solution, helping enterprises boost employee productivity and efficiently manage their office space and the resources in it.

Workspace Productivity &

Resource Management

With Workibo, you can automate the way your employees, space and technology interact. Allow users to easily find and schedule meeting rooms and office resources, and enable facility managers to plan and optimize your workspace.


Whether you’re working from your office or on the go, searching and booking a meeting room should be hassle-free. Filter by location, time and room configuration, book the matching option and prepare to meet.


The digital display shows you the meeting room status, makes real-time updates, checks people in, clears the calendar when

no-shows happen and it’s in perfect sync with calendar updates.


With real-time analytics, you gain valuable insights on how

your workspace and office resource are being used, and predict

what's likely to happen.

Workibo works with your existing systems

for a seamless user interaction.

Exchange 2016

Office 365

Microsoft Azure

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